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Your ROCK STAR ⋆★♪

宮本才子 RAWKS 日本

I am your ROCK STAR
22 November
.About the Saikosis.
    My name is Saiko, and right now I'm currently living in Tokyo, Japan. Where I am attending The Kudan Institute of Language and Culture. This journal will be use for the telling of my adventures in Tokyo. This is a new chapter in my life, and thus calls for a new journal! Formally 5uglykingdom.

    Saiko is 21 year young. Half Native American and Half Japanese. Blood Type AB. Living in Tokyo, Japan, and attending a school in Chiyoda. I am currently in love with the singer of Dir en grey, Kyou. Anyone can tell you that.

    I have three Number One loves of my life. First one being Kyou of course. He's the numba stunna in my heart. XD Don't ask me. My tired mind came to that conclusion on day. Number Two Number One is Music. I cannot live with out it. It's the stuff that keeps me going. Without it, I'd go crazy. Number Three Number One would be... um... I was just thinking of it earlier, but now I can't remember. I'll get back to you on that one. XD
.100 yen? What??.
    All the other cools names I wanted where taken. Like Milktea, Okonomiyaki, Sushi, and other random one word things from Japan I like. So I thought about other things from Japan I like. And I really like the 100 yen shops. They rawk hard core. People who've been to Japan know what I'm talking about. They rawk! You can get almost anything for about 100 yen. I'm cheap like that. XP
    Why yes, I have 6. My first one is on my upper right arm. The Kanji reads Ongaku which in Japanese means Music. My second one is on my upper back and is the almost the same crown Kyou has on his right arm. My third one is right below the crown and says Dir en grey. My fourth one is one not may people know about. In fact I don't like to show it off. It was a spur of the moment, I want a tattoo now tattoo. I like to hide it from people. XD It's a Sakura blossom on my right inner ankle. Kinda lame... and the first one I regret. XDDD My fifth and sixth ones are on my wrist. They read "Hone no zui made" "Ashitekure", which are lyrics from a Dir en grey song called The Fatal Believer. It means "Love me to the marrow of my bones".

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